Mass Service Times

Sunday Mass 7:15 AM, 9:00AM ( Children Mass), Sunday Catechism: 10:00 AM
Saturday - ( 4:30 PM  Evening Mass)
Friday - ( 4:45 PM  Evening Mass) Novena After Mass
Daily Mass Monday - Saturday 6:45AM


Surathkal, July 9, 2023, at 8:20 am, the ICYM SURATHKAL unit in association with the
Parish's Ecology and Environment Commission organized the "DENDROPHILE- 2023"
sapling planting event at Sacred Heart Church ICYM Garden.
V Rev Fr. Austin Peter Peres enlightened the gathering about the term "DENDROPHILE"
and its meaning, emphasizing the love and affinity for trees. He further encouraged everyone
to contribute to the environment by planting saplings regularly, promoting a greener and more
sustainable future.
The saplings were planted by Very Rev. Fr. Austin Peter Peres, Parish Priest, Rev. Fr.
Richard Dsouza, assistant director of ICYM Surathkal, Mrs. Asha Pinto, the PPC secretary,
Mr. Norbert Misquith, PPC Commission Coordinator, Mr. Sandeep D'Souza, the convenor of
the youth commission, Mr. Edward D'Souza, the convenor of the ecology commission, and
Ms. Teena Rebello, the unit animator for ICYM Surathkal.
The purpose of the event was to encourage environmental protection and instill responsibility
to the next generation. While planting a variety of saplings, participants learned about the
importance of these saplings in preserving ecological balance.
Maria compered the event. A total of 35 ICYM members joined in the event along with other

Obituary ಲೇತ್ತಾ ಫೆಲಿಕ್ಸ್ ಡಿಸೋಜ

ಲೇತ್ತಾ ಫೆಲಿಕ್ಸ್ ಡಿಸೋಜ 76 ವರ್ಸಾಂ, H/O ಝೀಟಾ ಡಿಸೋಜ ಸಾಂ ಅಂತೋನ್ ವಾಡೊ ಸುರತ್ಕಲ್ ಆಜ್ ಸಾಂಜೆರ್ ದೇವಾದಿನ್ ಜಾಲಾ. ಹಾಚ್ಯಾ ಮೊರ್ನಚಿ ರೀತ್ July 6 ತಾರೀಕೆರ್ ಸಾಂಜೆರ್ 3:15 ವೊರಾರ್ ಘರಾ ಥಾವ್ನ್ ಉಪ್ರಾಂತ್ 4 ವೊರಾರ್ ಸುರತ್ಕಲ್ ಫಿರ್ಗಜೆಂತ್ ಆಸ್ತಲಿ.