Mass Service Times

Sunday Mass 7:15 AM, 9:00AM ( Children Mass), Sunday Catechism: 10:00 AM
Saturday - ( 4:30 PM  Evening Mass)
Friday - ( 4:45 PM  Evening Mass) Novena After Mass
Daily Mass Monday - Saturday 6:45AM

Nativity of Mary

Today the Nativity feast was celebrated with great pomp. The new paddy was blessed and the cradle of Infant Mary was taken in proession by offering flowers to Infant Mary by the children. The hymns of Mother Mary were sung on the way.  The solemn Eucharistic celebration was offered by Rev . Fr. Paul pinto along with the parioshners.  Rev.Fr.Paul Pinto cermoned that we living in a family should imbibe the qualìties and characteristics of Mother Mary and try to live in perseverance.  M.C was Mr.Dhillon Mendonca and the other Liturgical rites were performed in a very disciplined way.

The choir by the choir group helped to pray to Infant Mary in a very devotional  manner.At the end the retired Gurkars were honoured.the Valchi jaar the parish book and theo Directory book were released. Ladoos  were given and sugarcane was also given. The parioshners wished each other the Nativity feast . Wish you  all a very happy Nativity feast.

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